Blended Families

When one or both of you bring children into your marriage, you discover that uniting two families as one presents its challenges.  Gaining a greater knowledge of these issues and having tools to address them can strengthen your marriage and enable you to have a healthier parenting team while caring for your children’s relationships.  We will focus on the topics of:

  • communication
  • conflict resolution
  • parenting time
  • finances
  • co-parenting
  • building a cohesive and thriving family

Service Offerings


  • Train your leadership and help develop a blended family small group.
  • Provide outsourcing support to your staff by handling blended family needs.


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    Feb 18, 2019

    Become a facilitator for PREPARE/ENRICH

    • Administer Assessments
    • Interpret couples’ reports
    • Guide couples’ exercises
    • Teach relationship skills
    • Be more effective with couples

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