Descendants International’s staff, volunteers, and its contributors feel deeply about the health of their community starting at the core relationship in society:  marriage.  The boundaries of community reaches into places each of us go to share life with others.  Engaging people in our daily routines and encouraging them to live a Christ-centered life is what we consider to be the most meaningful part of living.

We look forward to our next opportunity to help couples, pastors, counselors, military, and businesses who also have a passion for marriage and family.

Listen to couples share how they have benefited from the services of Descendants International:

Services for Professionals (Clergy, Counselors, Mental Health Professionals, and Relationship Educators):

  • Prepare/Enrich Facilitator Training – Seminar Directors, Tace and Carmen train leaders (includes 7 hours of continuing education)
  • Blending Families Pre-marriage Education
  • Marriage Enrichment:  Couples Check-up
  • Blended Families Education and Private Coaching

Services For Couples (private or group):

  • Divorce Recovery (healing, parenting schedule guidance, co-parenting, etc.)
  • Marriage Enrichment:  Couples Check-up
  • Relationship Inventory (utilizing the Prepare/Enrich Assessment and Couples Report)
  • Pre-marriage Classes (blending families education is hard to find)
  • Wedding Ceremony (ceremony program, wedding rehearsal, and wedding day)
  • After Care:  Marriage Check-up and Blended Family Guidance
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