We are so excited about this material and being able to use it to help couples.

PREPARE/ENRICH Workshop  |  Non-denominational

Pastor Rhonda | Rochester, MN


Blended Families Class made us feel very comfortable and gave us confirmation that we are not “alone” or “unique” as we work through our family issues.  The group discussions were God led and very beneficial.  We left each class feeling affirmed, up-lifted and hopeful.

My husband LeeRoy was reluctant to go to one-on-one counseling, but once we had the first session with Tace and Carmen, he knew God used them to help us!  We are a testimony of a couple who headed toward disaster but their wisdom, knowledge and understanding literally “saved” our marriage issues as they guided us to get back on track!

Blended Families Class  |  Counseling

LeeRoy & Jeanna | Fall 2009

The Collin Family – since 2003

We were in Tace and Carmen’s first Pre-Marriage Classes for Blending Families. We cannot begin to explain how beneficial it was to have such practical teaching before we got married. They helped us determine how we wanted to establish our new family. We also have been blessed by their ministry in the Blended Family small group at our church. It is obvious they studied and have done their part as God has called them. Tace and Carmen have been able to speak encouragement and advice into our family, and especially blended families in crisis.

The Burdine Family – since 2001

As parents of an adult child, we truly wish this ministry would have been available to prepare us for our marriage 31 years ago. My wife brought our son to the marriage, who now has a blended family of his own. We have been able to learn from Tace and Carmen’s teachings in order to offer ideas, give wisdom and advice to him and our daughter-in-law as they raise our grandchildren. We thank the Lord for this new ministry that is greatly needed.

The Sadlowsky Family – since 1997

Tace and Carmen have guided me through rough times in my former marriage, through a separation period, and during my eventual divorce. As a single Mom of twin boys, I could count on Tace and Carmen to always listen with caring hearts. Their honest co-parenting suggestions provided me successful methods I continue to implement and practice in my life. Their coaching taught me to rise above the circumstances.

The Fernandez Family – since 1996

. . . My profession as a counselor and translator has allowed me to work with many blended families. I have never met a blended family that works together as the Wieczoreks. There was always a connection between them. They did not segregate the children, and did not let the children split them. The most important trait that set apart the Wieczoreks from other blended families is that the children were never ‘his children’, they were ‘their children’. Tace y Carmen criaron a sus hijos juntos como una familia, con amor, respeto, confianza y fe, y siempre estuvieron disponibles cuando sus hijos los necesitaron . . .

[ English: Tace and Carmen raised their children as a family with love, respect, trust, and faith and were always available for them . . . ]

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